Top 10 Fulfilment Tips for Growing Your Online Business in 2020!

Online retailers use a combination of marketing strategy and innovation to win over customers and convert a search into a sale. However, as most top-performing e-commerce businesses know, the delivery of a joined-up logistical process is vital in keeping those customers. Quite simply, customers who have a great fulfilment and delivery experience are more likely to remain loyal and make repeat purchases.

The key trend in 2019 was doing the basics well, with a frictionless customer journey and fast delivery. This trend will continue into 2020, but as we enter the new decade, retailers also need to think of the environmental and social impacts so not only “do it well” but “do it good”.

In 2020 Britons are expected to spend over £175bn online. The challenge to retailers is to win and then retain a share of this pie. But how do you keep up with increasing customer expectations and industry-led innovations?

Here is our checklist for fulfilment that we live by to deliver your success!

  1. Employ Powerful Order Management Software – Seamless integration and order visibility are key to successful business management, helping you stay ahead of the competition.
  2. Ensure Order Fulfilment Operations are Scalable – Maximise profits during peak seasons and turn one-off customers into loyal repeat purchasers with quick turnarounds and exceptional customer service.
  3. Offer Consumers a Range of Delivery Options – From Economy to Next Day Delivery, customers want choice. In the UK 61% of consumers say Free Delivery will encourage them to purchase.  So even if you tie it to a longer lead-time or a minimum purchase value Free Delivery it is still a major sales influencer.
  4. Make an Impact with Packaging – Well-designed and robust packaging makes a great first impression. The unboxing experience is often the first tactile contact consumers will have with your Brand so make it count. Packaging doesn’t need to cost the earth but should carry your branding and tell the customer something about your passion and values.
  5. Be strategic with your Returns process – Research shows free returns can be an influencing factor in the purchase decision, but it can be costly for smaller retailers to offer this as standard. Instead, try implementing a frictionless and efficient returns process. Offering a quick turnaround and prompt refund whilst charging a nominal cost to your customer.
  6. Provide Market-leading Customer Service – Keep customers up to date during the fulfilment and delivery process with triggered email alerts. Most customers still don’t like to buy from a fully automated retailer, so ideally make sure they can speak to a person if they need to. It’s good to note that younger generations are more comfortable with automation, so a range of communication points is always a good bet.
  7. Follow up sales with special offers and discounts – Don’t forget the all-important post-sales follow up. Check that your customer is happy with their purchase and encourage them to provide feedback, showing you value their opinion. Design promotional offers with your target audience in mind, to add value to your brand, making sure you…….
  8. Use your Data – Because customers love offers that are relevant and tailored to them. Follow Data Protection Law and build trust that you are a responsible retailer with clear and transparent policies and guidance.
  9. Stand for something – Are you sustainable, ethical, environmental? Make sure your values are reflected in the supply chain and delivery process. For example, 47% of consumers prefer a Brand that reduces packaging, so stand by your values and stand out from the crowd.
  10. Deliver on your Brand Promise – And finally make sure you apply your Brand Story to every aspect of the fulfilment process for an end-to-end customer experience that is memorable for all the right reasons.

If you would like to know more about how outsourcing your Order Fulfilment and Logistical Supply Chain to PHL can help grow your business, then please feel free to get in contact now